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Working on some tools that use EZWinScore's database files, and because of annoying "feature" of 64-bit Windows I can no longer rely on the native Sybase ODBC driver combined with Java's JDBC-ODBC bridge. I need the actual JDBC driver for SQL Anywhere, which is included in the dev kit as JODBC.JAR. Unfortunately I don't actually have the dev kit, but I assume the developers of EZWinScore do, so if you're out there and you're reading this, if you can get me a copy of that file you would be my hero!

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LOL! After Bill's warnings about not to muck with the EzWinScore database directly... we still do it.

I guess it's in the same spirit that lets us Jailbreak iPhones, hack PS3's, extend our Tivo's, chip our cars, etc. The "no user serviceable parts" and "warranty void if sticker is broken" stickers are merely there as an excuse to break out the Goof-Off. :-)

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I didn't say absolutely don't do it, just that if you do, be sure you know what you're doing. You don't want to get half-way through a state match or area championship and find the match file unusable because it was screwed with externally. That nearly happened to the Nationals in 2003 and the memory lingers. Even last year's nationals required surgery with msaccess through an odbc connection because the uspsa's own external registration system had screwed things up enough that final results could not be produced.

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