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A few oldies but goodies


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Please feel free to substitute any state as I just picked these at random.

4 USPSA shooters on a plane. 1 Ohioan, one Kentuckian, one Michigander, and one Georgian.

Plane loses two engines so they pitch everything out.

Plane is still too heavy.

Kentuckian steps up and says he will do a great deed for the state of Kentucky and jumps out.

Still too heavy so the Michigander steps up and says and does the same exact thing.

The pilot says the plane is still too heavy but one more volunteer should be enough.

So the Ohioan steps up and proudly proclaims that he is going to do a great deed for the state of Ohio.

He grabs the Georgian..........

An ohioan and a (insert state resident) are fishing on opposite banks of a river. It's the middle of the night.

The Ohioan is catching all kinds of fish and the other guy ain't caught jack.

The Ohioan tells him to come on over. But the bridge is 5 miles up river.

The Ohioan jokes that he will turn on his flashlight and point it at the other guys feet so he can walk across on the beam.

The other guy yells, "Screw that, I'll get half way across and you'll turn the light off!"

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Good stuff, Sarge! How about I add an old blonde joke.

Blonde driving down the interstate, looks to the right to see a fellow blonde in the middle of a harvested wheat field, rowing away in a little boat. Driver stomps on the brake, sliding to a stop on the berm, jumps out and shouts; "It is people like you that give us blondes a bad name! If I could swim, I'd come out there and pull your hair out!"

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