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.22 Equivalent for XD Tac?


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Hey guys,

Was wondering if anyone could suggest a good .22 that would be similar to the XD Tac. I currently have a Ruger 22/45 (my first pistol), oddly I can't get my groups on target, I'm always low left. I have zero problems getting groups dead center with my XD. It's very frustrating and I feel as though the Ruger isn't helping me improve at all. I replaced the Ruger front sight with a FO and have adjusted the rears every which way without success.

Any suggestions on some .22 guns that are similar to the XD and what I could (should?) do with my Ruger would be appreciated.


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Ruger 22/45 has the same grip angle as the XD. I wouldn't consider a long barrel unless you actually like really nose-heavy guns. It's very popular in competition, and has the basic controls in the same place as the XD. I have yet to meet a Ruger that wouldn't benefit from a trigger job & better sights. Kind of like everything else.

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Two Things:

1 - the most XD like 22lr I have found is the ISSC M22. It's a cheap POS pistol, but a good trainer for the XD. I filed the finger grooves off of mine.

2 - I was low and left for years. It's trigger control. The trigger is pinned and actually moves in an arc. For me, I found that I roll my finger a bit and actually move it in an arc. Google Massad Ayoob and revolver shooting for a better explanation. Also, you might experiment with holding the gun a little firmer.

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