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Potential Charity Match and New USPSA Club

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Thanks for any input/comments in advance. A friend of mine from work I are looking to run 4-6 level 1 USPSA matches a year with one two day charity match(Level 1) a year for several military charities (Special Operations Wounded Warrior Foundation, The Lead the Way Foundation(a charity for the 75th Ranger Regiment), etc...) We have a local club with 5 pistol bays that is willing to let us run the matches, we are in the "talking about it" phase right now and the details still need to be worked out. This wouldn't happen until next year if it goes through. Here are my questions and concerns before I get into the "meat and potatoes" of the planning process.

1. My friend and I are both USPSA certified RO's can one of us be the MD or do we need to get someone else to help out in this capacity for a Level 1 match?

2. I know that USPSA requires 8 matches with 3 having classifiers a year to retain affiliation. Are there any exceptions to this rule because we couldn't run more than 4-6 matches a year because we are both in the military and between deployment and training schedules that is all we could physically do. Additionally, the main reason we want to run these matches is to "bridge the gap" between the civilian action shooting community, local law enforcement, and the military.

3. Would we be able to fall directly under our Area (Area 1) rather than our section (Northwest Section) so we are not stepping on any toes as far as match scheduling. Basically, is it possible to be a separate entity to run a few matches a year and still be affiliated so we can still process classifiers, run a sanctioned match, etc...?

4. If a two day charity match was run in your local area would you be interested if the prize table was able to rival a sectional championship?

5. What is a "fair" match fee for a 2 day charity match? I have seen anywhere from $65-80 for 10-12 stages. If you were going to shoot this match would this be fair?

6. If you were going to do this would you start out running a few small local matches first (30-50 shooters 5-6 stages) or would you swing for the fences and start out with a 2 day match to get your club name out there (10-12 stages 80-100+ shooters) if you had the logistical resources, man power and funding to support this type of endeavor?

7. Do you think it's a good idea to spread out the prize table to all skill levels to draw a bigger turn out?

In closing If we do this I want to make sure that we do this the right way. It is not my intention to step on any of the other clubs in the section or area's toes. We are looking for a way to make this work for the civilian, law enforcement, and military community in the area. Thank you for any input and constructive criticism in advance.


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  1. You need to read your rulebooks again. No certified officials are required to hold a level one.
  2. You can't expect the 2 of you to do all the work required. Can you attract others to help, and run some matches while you are unavailable?
  3. I don't know how your section runs, but I'd start by approaching the SC. Very likely you can get some help to get going.
  4. If it is a good match, I don't care about the prize table. If it is not a good match, I care even less.
  5. A 10 stage match will go $60-$150. Establish a reputation.
  6. Start out small. There is a lot to learn about hosting a quality match. Show what you can do, and you have a much better chance to fill a match to the point it is profitable.
  7. There have been many threads on prize tables. You will never get everyone to agree.

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My $.02 regarding a prize table at a charity event:

Use any donations you can get to help the charity. People will show up to shoot a good match that is run smoothly. Most of us shoot matches to hang out with friends and do something we enjoy, not for a visit to a prize table. Others may have a different opinion, but you know what they say about opinions...


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