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Missouri SWC inconsistent OAL


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Just got some Missouri SWC, IDPA #1, 200gr SWC bullets, and got some inconsistent OALs. This is my first time loading lead bullets, I usually use Berry's plated. I'm loading on a LNL, with Hornady crimp/seating die to only seat the bullet and a Redding taper crimp die to crimp at .469. I'm trying for an OAL of 1.250, some rounds come out with over 1.26 some around 1.24, a lot more inconsistent than I'm used to seeing. I'm not short-stroking the press, and the seating die is clean/no obstructions. Suggestions?

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The stem for RN bullets. I thought about flipping it around, but didnt recall seeing anything in the instructions. Duh - that would do it. Will flip it around and see how the next batch goes. Thanks :blush:

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Ok, I'm about to start pulling my hair out now. I have the flat stem in the seating die, everything is clean - no residue in the die, good and tight, etc, and I'm trying for 1.25" and getting OALs from 1.2495 to 1.2610 !!

I'm sure this probably is not enough of a variance to worry too much about, I guess my OCD is starting to kick in. I did measure several bullets for their length, and there was a variance, but I didnt note what they were (it's been that kind of day!). Ah well, time for an adult beverage. :cheers:

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