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LC 78 38 special brass


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I found 500 pieces of 38 special brass stamped LC 78 in my dad's old stash of reloading stuff. I would assume that it is Lake City and the number is the year of manufacture. I guess the big question is do you think it is safe to reload (I have no clue about how many times it has been loaded)? I have never loaded pistol cases before but I have become interested in shooting ICORE, hence my interest in this brass. I have loaded rifles for about ten years so I'm not new to reloading but is there anything specific I should look for when sorting this brass from a safety standpoint? Thanks for any help.


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I haven't seen a lot of it, but I do have some military 38 special cases in my brass stock, since the 38 special rounds aren't crimped I just treated them the same as the rest of my 38 special brass, of course I'm not loading anywhere near max charges, most of my loads are mid range level.

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