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Need Help with Rail for Valkyrie Handguard


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Hello All,

I am looking for a rail for the Valkyrie handguard mounted on my STI rifle. It says it accepts the JP rails but they are so God awful expensive compared to other quality rails. Does anyone know of a good rail, at least 8", that will fit this handguard that will not cost an arm and a leg? I've searched here and on other sites without much success so far.

Thanks in advance for any assistance...

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The Valkyrie has slots, not tapped holes and I remember something about "T-bolts" but I can't find it now. Are "T-bolts" common hardware with rail mounts? Do they all follow the JP pattern? Sorry, just not up on rails yet but trying...

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ah, you are right, it has threaded holes on the top

I just got an STI for testing, will do a little research

Any updates on this? I have some rails but nothing matches up with the Valkyrie. I'm thinking of replacing it anyway since it gets so hot, any suggestions there?

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where are you trying to put a rail?

I found that the PRI rail is the correct spacing to fit on the slots on the Valkarie rail

the screws are a tad short to reach the backing plate though

that's an easy fix

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