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Loss of time is Zen


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As an artist I can say, that I have spent many a night/day losing time....it is my Zen. Absorbed in the search for perfection, communication, and understanding. I can't count the times I have looked up at the clock at 10, and the next second I look up it's 4 in the morning. Now, as a shooter, I lose time each mag. It seems like a second has gone by , and I'm done. I can't say that all of those instances have resulted in good shooting. But I can say that most were; not when I was "focused" on the task at hand. In fact, when I am focused I often do very well, but I have noticed that most of those times I am in training , focused on the task at hand, being very methodical about my actions. It's these times that practice morphs into zen by virtue of repetition and confidence. To me, lost time is good. Many might think that losing time is like losing life, I see it as connecting with my understanding of something.

That's my zen

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