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9mm/Glock issue.


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The first 200 rounds I loaded went off without a problem. The load was Remington 115grn FMJ with Titegroup.

The rounds were accurate. So the next group of loads were Berry Bullets 124grn FMJ with TiteGroup. The OAL is right

where it should be. I am shooting them through a Gen 4 Glock 26. So i start shooting and am usually pretty accurate

at my shots and groups. Well Im just not shooting well so I take a break and am talking to a buddy. Go back to it

same thing. So I drop the mag and unrack the slide and the round has a slit right in the top of the round and has

cocked the round a bit. So I load a fresh mag and shoot the first round and unrack it and same thing. I give the

rounds to my buddy who has a Gen 4 Glock 17 and it doesnt do. I asked the guys at the shop and they say maybe they

are weaked springed mags.I have put the extender plates on the mags. Both guns are a 1000 rounds or less through

them brand new so it shouldnt be the mag right? Do you think its because of the mag extentions? It looked like the

second round was slaming into the bottom of the ramp before feeding. Has anyone ever seen this before?

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Sounds like springs or your extension but they are too new but it still could be. I would try going back to square 1 and start with standard mag basepads and spings - try that out.

I had this problem a few times and I adjusted the length, either longer or shorter, depending on the situation and that cured that. Not saying that will do it but worth a try. Also, make sure your mag is not sitting too low in the grip but if it works with the standard setup, it's not that. Just thinking out loud...

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First, Berry are not FMJ they are plated with a soft copper coating. Do a search for Berry and you will find some people hate them for lack of accuracy while others think a 4" group at 15 yards is fine.It fed the Remington's fine so I wouldn't worry about the extensions or mag springs. You didn't list an OAL for the reloads so my recommendation would be to start with a factory round of the same weight as you plan to reload. I am partial to Montana Gold because they have prize table coupons but I also use Precision Delta and Black Bullet International but with a KKM barrel.

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