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Glock and Smith SP 09


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Had the urge to buy an auto for the first time in a number of years. I'm a dinasour and always show up at matches with one of my revolvers and I have fun. Lately I wanted a little change in life so I sold my 686 and all it's accessories and bought a S&W SP 9 in 9 mm.

I liked the feel of the gun. Not as boxie as the Glock 17 or 19. It really fit my hands. Holds 16 in the mag, 1 in the tube. Same relative trigger design as the Glock system but a little heavier. Has a 8 lb trigger that breaks smoothly. Taking it apart I noticed there are a few less parts .

First impressions at the range were o.k. but I had FTFs and FTEs in the first 100 rounds. I figured that was normal in an auto to break the gun in but as a Self Defence gun I was hoping not to find any. So, instead of using the SD 9 I bought a Glock 17 for backup.

The SD had an 8 lb trigger pull. Made me shoot low when it broke.

The Glock 17 had a 5.5 lb pull. I still shot a little low but not as much. A friend ended up doing a trigger job on the Glock and it now brakes at just over 3 .5 lbs.. Not as nice as my old Glocks did but I haven't done a trigger job on one in years and decided to let someone else do it. It also now shoots to POA.

After taking the SD 9 apart and polishing it up it now has a 6 lb trigger. Not great but a nice improvement. I'm going to order a kit from APEX to help it out a bit more. It still shoots a little low for me compared to the Glock but better than on the first 100 rounds.

I do like the fit of the SD. It's shaped a little more towards the top of the frame and my hand fits right in.

In all, you loose 1 round but get a nicer feel. Both pistols have the availability of having trigger work done to them although the Glock has a lot more aftermarket kits to use.

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