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Dillon 550


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I have been used my converted 450 to 550 since these things first came out. I have had lots of primer problems since it was converted to a 550. I have been loading 357 & 45 S&W Schofield for CAS shooting. I plan to attend our first SASS State Blackpowder championship here in Virginia next weekend, the 14th. I pulled the die plate to dump the smokeless powder that was in the powder measure and refill it with 777. Everything was working great. That is the only change that was made. I have used a combination of CCI & Winchester primers. This has not caused any problems. I loaded about 30 rounds and now all of a sudden, I am getting high primers. There were no changes made other than dumping the Unique that was in the powder measure. I am not gettng the crunch feel that was there before. It's Sunday so I can not call Dillon, Has anyone had this problem? I will call Dillon on Monday but would like to get it corrected today if possible.


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Check the crank by where the handle inserts into it, look to see if there are any cracks.Also check the two small bolts that secure the roller bracket shell platform #14280 to the underside of the platform. If they are loose, that prevents the primer from seating. Also, check the bottom of the right-hand link arm, see if a spent primer has fallen there. That would act as a stop, preventing the handle from going far enough forward. Be sure the handle isn't hitting the cartridge chute/bracket when you push the handle forward.

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