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Anyone Used a FNX9

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I currently have an HK45, and am looking at getting a 9mm pistol to use in the light version of 3 gun, maybe some USPSA matches. Anyoen have any experience with the FNX9, they a decent pistol for the price or should I look elsewhere?

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I have shot the FNX on a couple occasions, and as much as I want to like the gun- it does nothing for me. It's about like shooting a Sig or a HK USP. The slide is heavy and sits way atop the grip. The trigger is decent, but on the couple different guns I've shot you have to hold the dots high on the target to get rounds to impact where you want them. (Imagine top of A zone to hit dead center.)

Since you have a HK45 already, I would suggest a HK P30L if you don't mind springing for it. Very smooth cycling, light slide, decent trigger (in LEM light), and you're already familiar with it. Of course a Glock or M&P are probably better suited for production, but lack the flair.

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