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Review of Novak adjustable sights (pics)

Adam P.

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Well I bought this M&P 40 back in February. When I took it out and shot it; it shot 4" low at 25 yards. Initially I was going to sell it to a buddy of mine, but then I stumbled accross these Novak adjustable sights at Brownells. They were cheaper than Dawson Precision sights and figured why not give them a try. First off, the front and rear sights are sold separately so you can mix and match front and rear sights to your liking. They are offered in Tritium, white dot, plain, and fiber optic. I went with the white dots because that's what works for me. Sights arrived quickly from Brownells and I literally just put them on 30 minutes ago. Install was tipical M&P sight install (rear went easy, front was a bear), but I got them on. As far as adjustibility, the rear has a screw to adjust for elevation, but windage is done by drifting the sight left or right. Front sight is .190 tall compared to the factory sight at .165. Width of the front sight was .125. Rear notch is .140 wide. Elevation adjustments are made with a regular screw driver and adjustments are smooth. If the weather ever clears up, I will take it to the range and see if I can dial it in. Pics are below.






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I also have a m&p 40 and if I could shoot a tight group at 25 yds I would be really happy even if the group was 4in low at 25 yds. I put a big dot sight on mine and its great for 10yd and in. I can shoot pretty good left to right but vertically is the challenge using these sights. The 3 dot just did not work for me. Actually not sure what does work for me. I am interested in the CZ at the moment to give an all steel gun a try. Keep us posted.

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Any follow up to how the Novak adjustables worked out?

They worked fine while I had them. I'm no longer shooting M&P's, so I don't own one anymore with these sights. Hope this helps...I forgot all about them and this thread until today...lol :blush:

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