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May USPSA Match- Lower Providence R&G Club (PA)

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This Saturday will be our May USPSA match at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club. We will have 6 stages for you and 1 fun stage. Sign in starts at 8:00 AM and will end around 9:30 AM. Please arrive earlier if you wish to squad a larger group of shooters. Our club web page his: http://lprgc.org/

We will be holding a fundraiser for Wounded Warrior Project by way of a raffle. I hope shooters will be interested in contributing towards this worthy organization. The tickets are $5.00 each and the winner gets to shave the Match Director's Head with clippers. You get to pick out the style, and either you do it or you can direct his wife Melissa to cut as you please. We have already raised over $210.00 towards this event, please consider getting in on this fund raising event.

We will be hosting a Level I RO class at Lower Providence Rod and Gun club the weekend of July 30th. If you are interested and have not contacted me, please do. I will be contacting those interested next week to get a class list, and arrange the administrative issues.

Hope to see you Saturday,

The LP USPSA Staff.

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