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  1. What holster do you use with your comp?
  2. Does that fit the Comp-Tac holster?
  3. Took me a while to get back to the club where I left my mag gauge. My Glock 17 mag with the Taran Tactical 140mm basepad will not fit the gauge either. So that sucks. Glad I only bought one to try.
  4. It was Mid A and I felt so bad for the shooter. I just bought the same base, though for an open gun. I wanT to gauge my mag to see if it’s any different.
  5. Its a handgun not a “hands” gun. It might not be a good plan but you can shoot one handed.
  6. Oof. Dude thought they were GTG and never checked them
  7. That is right where the guys mags hung up
  8. Not my mags. I was just the guy at chrono giving the bad news. Just seemed odd since I gauged a boatload of TTI mags and only that guys mags were a problem. I was wondering why, and thought the answer might be he accidentally bought the longer base pads
  9. Ran into a TTI that did not fit the gauge Sunday. Was trying to see what the problem was
  10. Anyone know the difference in size between the 3/4 basepad that is USPSA 140mm legal and their 5/6 basepad?
  11. Im not a fan of the magwells in CO or production. Like a previous poster said, at some point it becomes L-10 minor
  12. Just bought a 929. I couldn't pass on the price. Guess ill be wheelgunning next season
  13. nothing. Except its a lot of work to keep track of when people get their test results back. MD’s are volunteers too. plus in my case, the class I hosted last year was nearly all shooters from other clubs. That would be difficult to explain to the club’s board why I paid back people who do not help out at my club.
  14. Thats a good reason for charging a nominal fee. People are more likely to show up if.
  15. IWB steel illegal for Steel Challenge.
  16. when I taught SO classes for IDPA I discovered if the classes were free, i had a lot of people drop out. If i charged a nominal fee of $20, more people came. when i host RO classes at my club i charge $30 but i also feed you pretty well. my program is mature snd can afford to pay the difference. otherwise, speak with your AD. He may be able to come up with some solutions.
  17. When I affiliated my club Uspsa sent me a new shooter DVD , curriculum, and "Practical Shooting safety check" cards to give out. many clubs have some form of new shooter training. Some better than others. Some clubs are restricted in facilities that they would have issues complying with classes on off match days. Most clubs are low on volunteers to do such a thing. Making this compulsary may have some damaging unintended consequences for clubs who are unable to comply. It is a great idea. I used to teach such a class years ago, 2004-2007. It was 4 hours long and the students shot 100-150 rounda, sometimes more. I loved doing it, but it is a difficult thing for me to do these days due to getting access to facilities.
  18. Perhaps. I can see your point for thinking that way. But if you look in my bio/ad in USPSA magazine last year when I was running for AD I said I wanted to make Shadow 2’s legal for CO without needing slide lightening. I wasn’t kidding.
  19. It’s funny what I got accused already because of these rules. Heck, one guy at a shoot this weekend flatly accused me that my shooting glasses (that I paid full retail for) were freebies. I guess I need to start carrying receipts. I doubt many if any gun company people know me or know that I am an Area Director. . I bet they wouldn’t know me even if they ran me over with their golf cart at a match. FYI I shoot a Glock 17 in production. The Glock was in fact free, but that’s because I won my division in a GSSF match last year and got a certificate- and1099.
  20. I own two 625's. Then they changed the rules. Im not buying an 8 shooter, so i no longer shoot revolver. Probably will not again. Having no heat locally also makes it tough. Not much fun when no one else is shooting revo.
  21. Ever since I had sinus surgery RO'ing open guns is extremely painful. The pressure on my face hurts bad. AR's suck too, but they are further forward. Comped shorty AR's are very bad.
  22. I used to get tortured by this one guy who was just a tool. Best solution was an iPod. Never heard him again.
  23. @ Matt, You have a match today. why weren't you sleeping?
  24. The WPA was a lot of fun. I wish I was not so rushed getting there as my club's match was the day before. It was a good time. I have not shot L-10 in years, but it is the best vehicle for the Glock 21 IMO.

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