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BRM3G Major mistake on rifle holds


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Kind of embarassing, but still good for others in the "lessons learned file". I have taken to the practice of giving myself 4 or 5 phrases or words to repeat going into major matches to help with focus and things I need to work on. I'll repeat them before each stage. One of the ones I used at Blue Ridge was "low rifle paper" since there are these smaller paper targets. My logic was that if I aim center, the shots will be low. However, I ended up HOLDING low on the small paper instead of holding high to compensate for the low POI. As a result, my shots were all low resulting in a LOT of penalty points. I figured it out on the last stage I shot rifle on, but gave away over 100 penalty points before I figured it out. Cost me my goal in the match by a few places.

SCREW-UP, failure to make sure the phrases were a positive and accurate reinforcement of what I wanted.

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