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Limited Gun Breakage

kevin c

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Most ammo sizing problems I've seen are 45acp - most likely these are people new to reloading or "bought-at-gun-show/buddy-loaded-them" loads.

Most ammo case failure problems I've seen were 40cal, esp. with 200gr bullets.

Most ammo stuck case/extraction problems were in Open: 38super, 9x21... A hot day can make this rear it's ugly head where previously, no problems. If all else fails you can keep your ammo in a cooler. That would've saved an Area match for me if I had thought of it at the time.

As for front sites, seen about 8-10 of those fly off the gun and they were ALL dovetail mounts...

Dirty mags, messed-up mag springs, and non-parallel mag feed lips also show up frequently.

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