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1187P essential parts


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What parts are necessary spare parts for a Remmy 11-87P? I searched this and there were a lot of different answers. What are high failure parts do I absolutely need to have on hand if I was planning to attend a shotgun class (all jokes aside, besides another shotgun), i.e. springs, barrel seals, etc? Thanks.

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If you have maintained it, you should be able to go about 300 rounds or so without any work. If you are going to pass that mark, then I would certainly have a spare o-ring with me. The "failure parts" are more "wear" parts and changing out one or two may result in other function issues.

With that said, I'd have a carrier, carrier latch and the pins, or preferably, the whole carrier asembly. Also an o-ring, a piston seal assembly, and an action spring. I pretty much rebuild mine with these parts every few thousand rounds.

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