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Recomend EGW ?


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I'd say this one has been covered pretty extensively....that was just a small fraction of the hundreds that came up.

An Open gun is pretty much anything you want it to be. Minimum .354" or greater bore size, 171.25mm magazine length and safe....that's pretty much it. Most are STI, SVI, Caspian, EAA, Glock, or Para wide bodies with scopes and compensators. .38 Super/Supercomp are the two most commong cartridges used. R,

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I would use the Redding GRX first


The Redding G-Rx is a much better alternative. In addition, EGW's warranty service leaves a lot be desired. I had one of their EGW "U" dies which after only four months and approximately 2,000 loaded rounds broke. The carbide ring inside the die cracked and it would scratch the brass.

I contacted EGW and asked them to replace it and they declined telling me that this die is manufactured by Lee and hence not their problem if it broke. I contacted Lee and they gladly replaced the die with one of their "U" dies (which is slightly different than EGW's version. Needless to say, I won't be doing business with EGW anytime soon.

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Sometimes you just got to take something away to appreciate it. Well please take my U-Die. I had not used it since getting my CasePro a couple years ago but I dug it out when I broke the last Hornady Decapping pin. Loading 9 majors. So I do a couple thousand rounds, I have bullet feeder and break the decapping pin in the Egw-U die, I know I;m a idiot cromagnum gorilla. So I put the Hornady Die back in, honestly my rounds per hour doubled. So NO U-DIE for ME!

In 40 I have CasePro dies that have never been used, and a nice little Redding GRX on a Lee Single stage that has seen lots of action.

In loading 40 with a U-die I got 3 rejects per 100 instead of 4 so its not a effective solution, help some but not a cure. The GRX will get 99.9% of them, and I use mine a little different, I use it on loaded rounds that don't drop, ok little dangerous, but I'm in a metal building, don't stand over it, use your head kind of safety. It won't get the ones where the brass has gotten weak and the bullet is offset to one side or they have split during loading. The preferred method is to run all the brass thru after tumbling, and I was doing that just got busy and lazy.

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