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Newbie here (kind of) I shot a hand full of matches a few years ago, then got pre-occupied and let my membership laps.

Well I renewed today and plan on returning weekend after next. Need to get a holster and mag holders (inexpensive).

I plan on using my Sig 229 in .40 cal in Production It's all I have for Now :rolleyes:

Any pointers or Advise is greatly appreciated.



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Hello Dave and welcome to this sport.

You will find VOLUMES of items to search, read and learn about to help you and your game. This should keep you busy for a very long time.

Sig 229 is the Cadillac of pistols. Real tack drivers.

Good luck and have FUN in this sport.

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Picked up a BLACKHAWK SERPA holster and 1 Blackhawk mag holder. I plan on getting 2 more mag holders and a plain lether belt.

From what I've read the holster may have been a mistake :angry2: but i"ll use it till I can afford to change classes.

I'll probably pass it on to my 15 yr. old daughter and let her start with it in production. She really wants to start competing. :sight: She likes making dad look bad :devil: Unfortunatly she needs foot sugery.

Sorry bout the spelling Dave


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