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David Crosby busted..again


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Yes David Crosby was just "nicked" again, this time in New York, for having a little too much grass on his person and of course his "trademark" Colt .45 single action. This is like the 5th time for him to forefit one of his Colts! I just love the Idea of a "dope smokin" liberal that carries a .45 single action everywhere! It's a good thing that record sales are up for Crosby, Stills, and Nash, because it looks like its time to purchase a new .45, some more dope, and the time of a prominent New York attorney, as I don't think the state of New York will return those particuler items. I wonder if someone saw him "blowin a duby" in public or just got tired of watching him wave the old Colt around which he likes to do when "drinkin and drugin". :lol: KURTM

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