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Gerry Rafferty


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Yep, City to City will always be in my play rotation. Right down the line, is one of the great love songs - not a song of "Oh, I love you, let's do it", but one of appreciation for someone's love, after years of loving each other.

Night Owl is a good album as well, but then his star faded.

Trivia note, he was in a Trio early on with Billy Connolly, they broke up when Billy spent more time telling jokes on stage than they were singing. Billy went on to become a decent comedian, and is known to most of us as from movies like Boondock Saints, The Last Samurai (the Sargeant Major), and Timeline.

Guess I will go out to YouTube and listen and watch some of Gerry's music today.

R.I.P. Gerry.

Mark K

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