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Which Bullets for USP45

Tac Ray

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My experience with my USP 45 is that I can load darn near anything and the gun functions well with it. Light load, heavy load, lead, jacketed, etc. have all fed just very well and I've never had a jam. I wonder if I loaded pebbles and gummy bears if it would still fire OK :)

Also, from what I can tell with my micrometer and Google searches, I can load 200gr 45LC (Long Colt) RNFP bullets (0.452 diameter) in my 45 ACP rounds and everything should be fine.

I've only shot handgun as rapid fire so I have no feel for accuracy trade-offs.

Bottom line is that I'd like to burn off my inventory of 45 ACP bullets and then standardize on the same bullets I shoot in cowboy action. Here's what I've got:

230gr RNFP 0.452 ACP lead

200gr SWC 0.452 ACP lead

200gr RNFP 0.452 LC lead (my cowboy bullets)

Are there any issues with using all of these in my gun (I'll be shooting 3-gun with them all)?



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The barrel is polygonal, so I hear there are leading issues (rumor only, never seen with my own eyes), so I say shoot'em up!

I've got a P-2000 I usually run 125gr lead RN's through it Anyway, it dosen't lead the barrel anymore than any of my land and groove pistols do, easier to clean too OP, I'd try some 200 gr bullets I've always had good results with a 200gr LSWC, I suspect the HK would shoot them well..

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I left a link about shooting lead in a Glock or HK above this post. The lead must be HardCast. I do not know but read cowboy bullets are too soft and will lead thus followed by jacketed a great rise in pressure can happen. Have some fun,d

Thanks for the replies guys. I'll finish shooting up my 45 ACP ammo and then try to standardize on my cowboy bullets.

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