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Vince's prep for 1st 3gun (Ephrata)


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Hello all,

I have plenty of questions about getting started in multi-gun and will probably come up with more as I go :surprise: I'd appreciate any thoughts, help and general advice! I've been reading a ton on here and have already learned a lot.

My goal: Have a great time, a smooth run with my equipment, learn a ton, and shoot up to my ability level.

Me: Military guy, just started in competitive shooting in Aug. I've shot 6 matches, 3 pistol and 3 outlaw pistol/rifle. Been shooting production pistol.


AR w/ DMS-1

Converted Saiga 12 (only shotgun I own)

G17 Gen 4 no mods except trigger


Blackhawk Tactical Riggers belt

Serpa holster

Single mag holders for G17

Nothing to carry Saiga or AR mags on a belt

I have all the standard range bag fodder: Eyes, ears, cleaning gear, PB&J etc..

I believe Eprata ESC is USPSA rules, so I registered in Open/ minor due to my Saiga.


Shotgun: I'm still finishing my Saiga build. While it's stripped I'm going to press the barrel off and have rem-chokes installed. Then I'm going to reassemble, make sure it runs like a top with various loads, add a R&R Fastfire mount and a knockoff Fastfire. I'm hoping that I can just use the entire optic window as a sight for shot, and dial in the dot for slugs. I'll pattern it with the loads I plan on competing with. My pattern plan is to draw a popper on a standard IPSC target and see what I get with a light/mod choke and go from there.

AR: Possibly a trigger. Check and recheck zero and POI from 5yds to 400yds.

Pistol: I need sights, just haven't decided on what yet? Grip tape and I'm done.

Weapon light: Weapon mounted or flashlight? I have both, but no holster that accepts the weapon mounted light.

To buy:

(1) +6 base for my G17 I figure if I'm Open, mag capacity is one place I can take advantage of it.

(1) Nordic Pmag + 18 extension.

Single AR mag carrier.

4 Saiga mag clips

lots of ammo


I'm in OK shape, but I want to be a few pounds lighter and faster by April. Monitoring carbs/ sugar, watching overall calorie intake/ output and doing cardio, with some endurance weight training.

Shoot as many local pistol matches as I can. During winter it looks like it will be 1 a month. Once it's warmer, it'll be two due to my time and wallet limitations.

I'd love hear some I thoughts on practice regimes for rifle and shotgun? I have very little (zero recent) shotgun experience.

Dryfire: Never really tried it. Plan is a simple routine of draws and reloads.

Clothing: Kneepads and elbow pads. Integrated into my Crye.

Footwear: No idea? Light hikers is the current plan.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and advice.



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