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2011 Dillon calendar

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Is anybody else disappointed in this year's Dillon calendar? As usual the girls and guns are superb but all and all this year's calendar really sucks. The numbers across the bottom are useless for figuring what day it is and planning stuff. Also I've had a space on the wall set aside for my Dillon calendars for quite a while and now this one is a lot bigger so I have to move the 2011 calendar. Little thing but it messes up the decor. :angry: Hopefully Dillon will go back to the old format next year or at least say in the description it's the same screwed up format as this year so I can go else where for my calendar for 2012.

I have sent Dillon a request for a refund because I bought this 'calendar' to be used as such and what I got can not be used as a calendar.

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I am just recycling a 2005 Dillon Calendar! Same as 2011.

I usually buy two, one Areo and one Reloader. they hang in my office and each month we would change the month and decide which, relo or areo had the best picture.

Oh well

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