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Looking to get new sights for my tactical XD. I want to set it up for a specific event which is police practical shooting @ 25 yards combined with a 5k run. I understand its crazy but its an annual event and its a good time. Anyways Im very restricted in what I can have. It can't be "competition equipment" and it must be suitable for "duty use". In the past I have shoot my glock with warren tactical sights, which I think are good for speed and a mid-distance shot. Just looking for something a little more percise by trading in some speed on the sight.

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Sounds like just leave stock in there for now?? Not being allowed "Comp equipment" rules alot of what we use, out. I had Trijicon Night sights (with Tridum insert) front and rear. they had no gap as far as front/rear sight relation. I am sure those are not " Comp Equip", those might be an option. But on small targets, they would pretty much cover the target up, as why I got rid of them(this was on Service model)


Edit to add: Have a gunsmith install these. Hammer and punch I would not do with the tubes and all. Might crack one and then poof, theres goes the gas, bye bye glow n dark.

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Have you looked at the FO Front sight that Dawson Precision offers? They are not listed as a competition sight and they work well with the stock rear sight. If you don't have an adjustable rear then get one of those too. Yes, we use these on our Glocks in the Military (SF anyhow) and they are approved for use. The rear blade can be opened up for more speed with something as simple as a file. Contact Scott Springer of SpringerPrecision.com for other options. Don't be handcuffed to the man!

Hope this helps,



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