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Offset quad mad pouch


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I know I have seen one somewhere, can any tell me where to get the plastic offset mag pouches.. One evening I saw one of these on the net, the outer row (2) mags are held lower than the inner (2) mags making it more efficient to feel each and every pouch when requiring a reload.

WHat do you guys use, how many mags, ect....? 3 gun comp with high round counts during pistol dominate use stage stages.



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I think that was for mostly production, where they have requirements about where you can keep your mags (hip bone etc.) .....A boatload of 10 rounders takes up a lot of room on smaller framed people, but I could see it being usefull for 3 gun .....In open most guys use singles because the rules dont require it.....I had a link saved but can't find it now sorry....

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