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650 primer index arm issue

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I have had my 650 for quite a few years. I was just loading 45 for next spring and my indexing arm started to NOT return fully and drop into the empty primer disc pocket. I took it apart and cleaned it. It worked for 100 or so and started up again. I took it back apart. The top of the primer disc has the ring of wear and I used a dremmel scotchbrite wheel to polish the top and felt nice and smooth. THAT worked well for about 150 rounds and it started again. I had also previously marked the offending spot and after the scotchbrite it was on different holes. I then fliped the disc over to the fresh and unused side and it worked for a bit and then started. At that point I nursed it thru the last 50 rounds of the 2k of MG ammo I was loading.

The indexing arm is fine. Nice and straight. The spring looks good as well. All other surfaces look good and the detent is fine. The arm just seems to hang the last bit on random holes in the disc. Im sure I am overlooking something but I see no burrs or galling. Or any part that looks odd.

Over the years I have taken it apart for cleaning and never had an issue. :huh:

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The very first thing I would check is to make sure the bowed washer (part 13832) is oriented the right way: curved side down. Next, a tiny bit of graphite or grease where the index arm rubs against the primer feed body housing may help. Maybe it's too clean?

Although you said the spring looks good, I would try swapping spring next. There should be one in the spare parts kit. Or Dillon can send you a replacement if you can wait.

If you can't wait, I would take picture of the finger that goes into the holes, and then bend the finger up a little bit so there is less tension/friction against the wheel. If that works, great. If not you have a reference on how much to bend it back to.

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It sounds like a problem I had a few months back. It just would not reliably kick back to the next hole. Would hang up about halfway. I just took the whole priming system out and cleaned it well and greased the main shaft that everything pivots around. I found a couple of flakes of powder in the area where everything comes together. Once I put it all back together I have had no other problems.

So I don't know if it was just getting the powder out, just general cleaning or the grease, but it works now. I just looked at it like any other piece of machinery. Just needs a little maintainance every now an then.


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I add here that I was looking at this closer and it apears that my indexing arm has a wear line accross it where it would possibly catch. Im going to clean that up as well. I dont have any more ammo to load at the moment and will be converting to primed brass 223 this week so its a non issue for a while.

My indexing arm spring strut is angled down at about 5-10 degrees as well I dont know if thats the normal angle or if it should be straight in line with the rest of the arm.

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