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G17 Modifications: Feedback appreciated


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I have a G17 RTF2 that I use for IDPA and the range.

I have done the following mods:

Glock minus connector, 6 lb trigger spring, reduced safety plunger spring and 13 lb IMSI spring on Glock guide rod.

I really like the feel of the trigger. Changing the trigger and safety plunger spring has made the trigger smoother and reduced the initial take-up force. The 13 lb spring is also very nice for reduced recoil and quicker follow up shots.

I did the slide test of holding the gun vertical with the trigger depressed and the 13 lb spring has no problem going into battery.

Even though this is a gamer gun, I want to make sure it is very reliable. That is the main reason I use Glock.

What failure would I be likely to have if I stuck with the 13lb spring? Of course I don't want to have a kaboom, so I want to understand any warning signs before that happens.

I may just go ahead and buy the Jager plastic captured guide rod and install the 15lb spring. However, since I have felt how nice the 13lb spring is, it is tempting to keep using it.

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Welcome Brian and HOLY SMOKES !!!

A simple search for +G17+mods in the Glock sub-forum will keep you reading...a long time.

Been kicked around A LOT. :cheers:


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