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Goog Load Data Needed


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The "Search Process", while producing results, leaves somethings open to assumption. Not my favorite process when trying a new load. Issue is 9mm. Is it 9mm Luger or 38 super and what type of pistol is used.

I have a Glock-35 with an oversized 9mm barrel w/ comp. I want a load that will make major, yet providing the best of other functions such as consistency/accuarcy, muzzel stability and relatively clean shooting (I will clean the gun but excess smoke is deal breaker).

The most recommended loads are AutoCOMP and H-S 6. Load weight is only a ballpark number because the case size and runs in the 7.2 gr. range and the round is not always apparent. The same goes for OAL. A 9mm Luger in a STI, etc. frame can and should be a lot longer than the OAL limits in a Glock "17" mag. Given OAL run about 1.170" and the limit on the Glock is around 1.120" +/- .002". Could increase this some with good luck on the bulet shape. Plan to run MG 124 gr. CMJ.

All suggestions will be appreciated and may result in additional questions, if you are open to such.

Thanks for your interest and double that for suggestions.

9 o'clock (soon to be transformed, by magic, to katt 9.

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9mm Major is 9mm Luger loaded to major PF. Short major OAL in 9mm is not obtainable from my testing. HS6 is a hinky powder when pushed; AC is more linear in pressure curve.


Thanks for your reply. A friend uses HS 6; however, he is able to lengthen round to 1.170" in a STI 2011. I take your "push" as reference to the shrinking case volumne, which changes pressures and consistence in a violent manner. Found very good thread from HoMiE in Sept. 2007.


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My Open G17 loads OAL is 1.155-1.160 Lone Wolf barrel, mixed brass.

8-8.1 grains HS-6 makes major nicely. Zero issues after ~4000 rounds to date.

Shot in 55 to 110 degree weather.


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