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M2 Super 90, What are best mods required to make it a great 3 gun tool


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Nordic +5 Tube extension, Nordic charge handle, Remove the bolt and send it to Benny Hill...ask him to lighten it up and allow a ghost load. Lightening the bolt will allow lighter loads and will also allows a round in the chamber, 1 on the carrier, and 8 in the tube...of course you can only load 9 for Tach-Optics division, but if you have a wild cat match and round count is not specified...you get 10 in it. I did the above to mine and it shoots sweet. 'Cept now I'm going to make it an open gun since I moved to the far side (open).

Oh...and get a side saddle...not plastic, get the elastic cloth...works great.

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For 'Bolt on' goodies I'd suggest Daves Metal Works aviliable direct or from Midway,I'd buy the enlarged bolt handle,bigger saftey,carrier release and follower.

Having said that I'd go for a Nordic tibe over a DMW as I believe their lighter.

Modding the loading gate and rounding out the surrounding area is a popular mod,lots of people on here have done it,would be worth doing a search and making your own mind up who you want to do the work,I noticed some geat bevelling of the lifter recently with a channel or groove to aid the shotshell feeding/direction which was a new development. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=84338&st=75

I'd also put a bigger fibre optic bead,there is a triangular fibre optic bead that looks intresting but I can't remember who makes it.

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