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Double Feed Death Jam

SRT Driver

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Had a strange jam today. :angry:

G34 with many thousands through it, ISMI guide rod, ISMI 15 lb recoil spring. Factory 10 rnd mags. WC 124 gr fp at 1.135 OAL.

The first round attempted to feed but the extractor failed to pick it up. Then a second round jamed it into the BBL hood.

These were the first rounds after a reload. The chain of events were: Bang, bang... reload... Bang, !!@@##$$%%^^.

Could not rack it and could not drop the mag for about 15 sec until I banged the crap out of it.

HELP!!!! :(

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Here's a secret for clearing a double feed. Try it inyour gun, since it wont work in all guns.. Set up the double feed, and instead of locking back the slide, ripping out the mag then cycling the slide 3 times. just press the mag release buuton while simutaneously pulling back on the slide.. Try it you will be amazed.. Leanred the method from a class I took put on by Gabe Suarez. Works on my Duty Gun (Sig P226, .40 Cal) every time.

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