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I went to a steel match this weekend (thank you Kimel for the kind invitation). It was a really good time....except for watching a couple of guys hit themselves over the head with 2x4's on the firing line. I know there's a "right" and a "wrong" way to shoot anything when you're a top-level shooter. But, if you're not A-class or better, why not shoot it the easy way?

Coming out of the holster, these guys had the option of shooting a dinky 10" plate or a gigantic rectangular plate. Guess which one 5 guys in a row went after? They all launched about 2 or 3 hopers before they hit it. Groan....

Emulating the masters is great training, but when you're a B,C, or D shooter, why not make life a little easier on yourself. Shoot the easy target out of the holster, find your sight, then go on and shoot the rest. There's no way the extra transition takes any longer than shooting 3 extra shots. And personally, I don't think anyone is learning squat by shooting hopers off the draw. There's a limit to what monkey-see monkey-do will do for you.

(Note: I damned sure didn't shoot the match perfectly, or even well for that matter. I gave up 8-10 seconds a stage just being an idiot. But I ended up placing decently overall because I turned it down a notch and shot the COF according to my *ability*.)


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