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putting on a good match, the contingency plan

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Every good plan should have a contingency plan, as a MD you owe it to your paid competitors and

match sponsors to have one. Simply throwing in the towel due to unplanned for setbacks is

unacceptable, saying that a situation was unforeseen is just being inconsiderate of your competitors and

sponsors. Weather is forecasted, FORECASTED!!! You should know what to expect and can take steps

to compensate for the effects, if rain is forecasted then stages in low areas need to be relocated before

shooting starts, put in a request for hay or other method of making the bays or trails safe for use .

A 10 day forecast can be used to determine stage location, remember a good MD/RM must be flexible.

If entry and egress are questionable on the range then make arrangements for competitor transport.

If vandalism or destruction causes a setback, rebuild what you can and shorten the match, shooters are

very appreciative of effort and can overlook setbacks if an effort is made on their behalf. Utilize your

time wisely, having a 2 day match set with 8 big stages allows for ample time in case of setbacks, even

better would be a 10 or 12 stage match with mixed short, medium and long courses. You would almost

guarantee yourself of having stages that could be completed by all squads, no matter the setback.

The Venue is next,............thanks

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The following is from a planning guide I wrote for USPSA pistol matches (to train new match directors). While some of it does not apply to multigun, it still has some organizational points that may help.


You cannot count on decent weather. . . The rain plan is more than target condoms!

Plan 1 is for lots of rain before the match & possibly light rain continuing during the match.

Do you have bays that flood? Is there a way to control run-off or erosion? Avoid complex stages & running stages in those problem bays.

Are the stages safe in the rain? Do you need to provide more traction on ramps & platforms?

Do you have cover for shooters & staff? Cover for the caterer & areas to eat?

Need covers for clipboards (gallon freezer bags work) & pencils (or waterproof pens)

ONLY the Range Master can decide when covers go on targets & when they come off. Make sure CROs dont get too much initiative.

Plan 2 is when major portions of the match are delayed due to overwhelming cloudbursts or lightning.

All elements of Plan 1 still apply.

How fast does the rain run-off or drain? How soon can you resume shooting if the weather improves?

Where are announcements regarding rain delays or cut stages posted? How will you get that info to every shooter and staff member?

You may need to delete a stage or two from the match: The rain & flooding may make that decision for you. If a stage is unsafe or irretrievably damaged, obviously you need to cut it from the match.

Look at your stage mix: dont delete all the field courses or all the speed shoots. Do not delete two stages in neighboring bays unless you have no choice. Several squads will pile up at the first stage following the two missing stages.

Easy choices include any stage that a large number of shooters have zeroed. While every stage has someone who did well (you cut my best stage!), any stage 20 to 25 percent of the shooters zeroed, may be a good choice to cut.

If this is a 2 or 3 gun match, be aware of the stage mix once you have cut stages. Try not to cut all the shotgun stages or your only long range rifle stage.

As soon as you cut a stage, move the staff to other locations. Where will you need help the most?

Plan 3 is the real disaster plan: Constant rain, lots of lightning. See Plans 1 & 2.

How many stages can you cut & still have a match? (In USPSA Level 2 is 5 stages & Level 3 is 8)

Chrono can be cut at Level 2 (but NOT at Level 3). If you cut chrono at Level 2, you cannot challenge any shooters declared power factor shooters who already went to chrono cannot be switched to minor if they declared major.

If you have to cut too many stages (down to 4 or less) you now have a Level 1 match (local match). At 3 gun matches, you may end up being a 2 gun match. Distribute awards if you are able to calculate a winner even if it is based on only a few stages (you already bought them). Consider a random drawing to distribute any prize table items. Shooters and sponsors will all understand that you cannot control the weather.

Consider a partial refund of fees or discounts at the next years match,

Linda Chico (L-2035)

Columbia SC

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