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Need a part for a tumbler

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I don't know if this is the right forum for this, so if not, would the mods put it in the right one?

Anyway, I've got an ancient Midway 2094 tumbler that needs a bowl. After 10 years and about 60,000 rounds, the bowl is starting to split around the middle. Anybody got a good bowl that they'd part with? Email me at: vince.urbancic@cusys.edu and maybe we can swing a deal.


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If you are looking to buy from somebody here, then this post would need to go in the classified section (and you don't have enough posts here to start a thread in the classifieds).

- Admin.

Have you called Midway to see what they had, or might do? I understand that their newer style tumbler uses a different bowl. I know I read where one guy sent his old style tumbler in with a bad motor and got a replacement consisting of a whole new style tumbler. So, they may have some old parts around.

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Yep, called Midway and emailed them also. They've not had parts for this tumbler for like 6 or 7 years. I'll either find one I can salvage the bowl from on the web, or just buy the Dillon. Sigh, and it's been a GREAT tumbler.


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