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So, I bought this gun a couple months ago. Been shooting it quite a bit to get the feel of it. Did some action work and have generally enjoyed shooting it. I plan on shooting it at the IRC next week, so, since we shoot at 50 yards, I decided I had better check whether it is sighted in. So last Sunday at the range, late afternoon, I set up a target, and, shooting prone, fired off 8 rounds. I wasn't quite sure whether it would hit the target or not, but, it did. The sun was in my eyes and I didn't have a real good sight picture, but they were all on the paper. Made a sight adjustment to the red dot, moved in the shadows, and fired another 8 rounds. Not too bad. Had one in the x-ring. So I taped the holes (except for the one in the x-ring because I didn't have any black pasters),made another sight adjustment and shot 8 rounds. This is the target


Now, I wouldn't have believed this, but it is the God's honest truth ... I shot this target with a S&W model 627PC, with 38 Short Colt ammo prone at 50 yards. And here's the kicker ..... this gun is a snubby, it has a 2-5/8" barrel!

Hey Bubber ... whatdaya think of this!?

See ya at the IRC next week.


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Good going John. I went out and shot some the other day and the gun is on for 50 yards, 25 and 10, Now if I can do my job. A Snubby, huh? My freind built an open snubby for another friend and it would hit the rams out to 100 meters on on the small sillohoute range with no problem. Just had to add more powder to get Power Factor. Luckily you only used two excuses for the session or I would have to call for a penalty. ( As you know you are only allowed three) CYADER. Later rdd

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