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New Revo Shooter wants suggestions

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Hey everyone. I've been shooting for a couple of years, but just bought my first revolver in Feb. of this year. I'm so addicted to it that I started shooting IPSC. Here is a video of my first match. Other than fumbling my last reload and being too fat to move efficiently I think it went OK. Please let me know of any suggestions I can take to the match on Thursday :D

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First, the added girth gives you more room for moon clips :cheers: There is a lot of discussion about strong hand and weak hand reloads and if you are just starting in revolver, work on the weak hand reload. I had strong hand in my head for 30 years and could never really get comfortable with weak hand but I see the advantages in it.

When moving from position to position, be reloading. I realize there wasn't much room for movement but fluid movement position to position may make it seem easier for you.

Your stage looked good. Get over to the revolver forum and talk to the guys and girls there. There is a great wealth of knowledge there.

Best of luck

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Sure looked good.

When going into a port, you may save a little time by not reaching into it. There is time required for going in and some more for coming back out.

Not sure where the 180° was on that stage but I see that your muzzle appears to move quite far left.

Right handed revo shooters who switch hands when reloading, like myself, can easily break the 180 when moving to the left.

Ah, love the smell of Clays in the morning... :D

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