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MS classic 2010


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here is the video from the Mississippi Classic 2010. very good match. i will also have to say i left with some new friends from my squad. go squad 11. enjoy my video and look at all the mag messes up's i had b/c of a bad spring.

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Don, I enjoyed getting to shoot with you this past weekend. Come join us anytime. Congrats on the win as well.

Not only can Don shoot but he kept up just fine with the Mobile Pasters Assoc....I mean Mobile Pistol Shooters Assoc. :P

See you again at the LA Gator,

Jason Phillips

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lol thanks. that had to be the high point of the squad we will have all the targets tapped by the time the RO was done with the scores. i was great to see everyone working together. see yall at gator.

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