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Loading .38 S.C. on a Super 1050


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I have just converted a Super 1050 to .38 Super Comp and I have experienced repeated failures to feed brass into the #3 (.223) shell plate that Dillon recommends and supplies for this caliber.

After discussing this with Dillon, at length, it appears that they are aware that the #3 shell plate - which was not designed for .38 Super Comp - does not work well or at all in many cases. Some of my friends have been lucky as the loose tolerances on these parts results in some that work. Most of my friends, however, live with failures to feed brass into the shell plate to a greater or lesser degree.

It now appears that a new shell plate will be forthcoming - in the meantime Dillon was nice enough to hand grind and modify the shell plate that I received with the caliber conversion kit.

It now works most of the time. I was advised; by a well know Grand Master and guru of all things pertaining to the shooting sports, to replace the relatively weak brass shuttle spring with a light weight 5" Government recoil spring cut down to the same length. I used an 8# spring - the lightest that I had - and it now works almost 100%!

Be advised that wear on the cam will increase so keep it greased. This part, however, is only $8.89 and if it wears it is less costly than all the ruined brass, stoppages, and, broken de-primer pins.

I hope this helps others avoid the grief I have been through and hopefully Dillon will provide the new shell plate in the immediate future to these experiencing the same problems that I encountered.


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here here hope they come up with a new plate. Ive been luck but a lot of people I have taken to have had the same problem. Keep on them Walter for all of us shooter out there loading 38sc

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I have obviously been very lucky.

I have a 550, a 650 and a 1050 that can all run 38Super Comp. The 1050 is the one that has had the most use and has never let me down. The 650 a lot less and again flawless. The 550 has been converted twice as I load 223 on it and therefore by stealing the dies off the 650 I have run it. Only as a stop gap when the 650 was occupied by another calibre I needed to stay as is. The 1050 is elsewhere normally and is usually in 38Super, but we change it for one of the guys who shoots Bianchi Cup with us and crack his ammo out first.

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