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Broken trigger bow


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I have a TacSol .22 upper on my open gun frame (STI) at the moment that has been giving me jams recently, but not too consistently.

I have messed with a bunch of things on the upper and the problem persists, today I took the frame apart and found the trigger bow had broken (totally separated) on the left side where the bow meets the trigger right below the pre-travel adjustment tab. Just curious if this is my problem or not, so for those of you that have had this happen what kinda jams did it cause? I'll reveal what it did to me later but don't want the power of suggestion to create the answer I want to hear instead of the right answer.

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Turns out the jam wasn't related to the trigger. Gun had FTFs switching the ejector fixed it.

FTF means what to you? (fail to FEED or fail to FIRE..or both!?)

switching the ejector? You sure about that?

You still running the busted trigger?

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