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MGW sight pusher-vise question


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I am thinking about getting the MGW sight pusher for my MP9 to use for front and rear sight installation/adjustment. In order to use this do I need a vise as well or can it be used without a vise?



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Nope, nothing else needed with the MGW. It won't do the front sight on the 5" guns, but man it works well on everything else. It does push on the front blade, which isn't ideal, but it didn't hurt the Trijicon front I put on a friends gun....worked perfectly. I've done maybe three or four sets with mine and it's simply awesome. Some of the Smith sights are really tight and you'll have to crank on it, but it'll move them without damage. Worse case, you might have to wear gloves to keep from hurting your hands, but that's extreme. I'm sure you could put it in a vise and have it work as well. I have one for Glocks and it's just as good (but obviously won't do Glock fronts). R,

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