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Loading 9mm 115gr Black Bullets


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I'm trying out fifty 115gr RN 9mm from Black Bullets International and HP-38

Hodgdon online list 4.3 to 4.8 grains for RN lead and a 1.1 OAL.

I was going to try 4.5 grains Wednesday Thursday night.

Is there anything about these bullets with the coating that changes the powder needed?

Thanks in advance,


ADMIN: I posted this originally in "beginners" but have had no response

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I don't have first hand experience with BBI or the loading you refer to, however the coated bullets tend to give a little more velocity when compared to jacketed or lead bullets at the same charge weight. I am sure if you started at 4.3gr you would be plenty safe. Chronograph the load and then make changes from there.

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