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115gr RN Black Bullets w/ HP-38


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I'm trying out fifty 115gr RN 9mm from Black Bullets International and HP-38

Hodgdon online list 4.3 to 4.8 grains for RN lead and a 1.1 OAL.

I was going to try 4.5 grains Wednesday night.

Is there anything about these bullets with the coating that charges the powder needed?

Thanks in advance,


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I used to shoot Precision coated bullets with HP-38 in my Limited gun at major PF. The combination was very soft shooting but very dirty. I had to clean the gun every 200 rounds or so to keep it running. At minor PF you may not have that problem or, it may be worse.

I would suggest Clays, WST, WSF, N320, N330, Solo 1000, etc. for a coated lead load. It will probably still be dirty but shouldn't be as bad.

Wish I could help with a specific load but I haven't really tried the coated bullets in 9mm.


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