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  1. Very nice. I used mine for L10 back when I started USPSA. Looks like a very similar setup to mine. I've never been able to convince myself to change it much. It's too good as it is. Good find.
  2. Yes. Not hard at all. Look at the Youtube videos of Alma Cole for instructions on taking apart the trigger pack and putting it all back together.
  3. Resjudicata

    P320 X5 Thread

    After installing the GGI kit, I'd recommend their kit instead of the Apex bar. The overall travel is much shorter and the break is much cleaner and better.
  4. Yeah, I got lucky and just happened to check the website and saw they were available. Did the checkout quickly and then went to my email and saw that I got an email from them 3 minutes before I checked the website. I was very lucky on timing. Hopefully they post some more soon for everyone else who is waiting.
  5. Resjudicata

    320 Light Strikes

    I did not know that. Learn something new every day.
  6. Resjudicata

    320 Light Strikes

    I have about 700 rounds through my RX Compact now with the factory striker spring. I've used Remington factory ammo and my own with Federal primers. No failures to fire with light strikes so far. I do the pencil test on my guns to get a rough gauge of how hard I'm hitting the primers. My 2011s and 1911s will launch the pencil up to near the ceiling when I do this even using reduced power hammer springs. The P320 will get the pencil out of the barrel but not by much. I was surprised by this considering these are the new military guns. I would have expected much higher firing pin impact for use with military ammo. But, maybe there are heavier striker springs in the military guns.
  7. I finally found my trigger pull gauge. I installed the GGI kit in my RX Compact. The average of five pulls is 3 pounds 12 ounces. Very happy with that. The trigger pull is reasonable short smooth and the break is smooth and clean without too much weight at the break. The kit is easy to install. Though I did use a fine stone on any surface that would touch something else during the trigger pull. Overall very happy.
  8. Got my kit today. The weight change is pronounced. I'll have to dig out my trigger pull scale to see what it got down to.
  9. Even assuming that it works you are talking about an ounce, maybe, of weight from that spring. Makes no sense to do it. The weight of the trigger pull on these guns is due to the trigger return spring, sear springs and the friction/over cut interface between the sear surface and the striker hook. Those are the things and modifying the geometry of how your finger movement interacts with the sear are what will make a difference. That's why GG has the parts in their kit that they do.
  10. Well, according to their site the kits sold out in about an hour. They say that another batch is in the works.
  11. I don't see why there would be an issue in using the trigger alone in a pre-upgraded gun. Part of the upgrade was to switch to a lighter weight trigger shoe so that it had less inertia. So basically using the GG trigger would be doing half of the ugrade. Maybe.
  12. According to the websites both the GG and Apex stuff only works with a factory upgraded gun. I have no idea what the difference really is on the Apex stuff. The GG kit has more parts so I understand why it can only work on an upgraded gun.
  13. For those who have been looking for these kits. They just went in stock. Already ordered mine.
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