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Major Load For 185 grn LSWC


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Usually use 200 grain LSWC for CDP and Single Stack but I have a bunch of 185 grain sitting around from bullseye days. Know my old 4.2 of bullseye load won't make major but would appreciate a starting point using either Bullseye (My preference), Titegroup or W231. Have all three. Will be shot through a Colt Model 70 5" 1911. The manuals have a lot of data on 200 grain but most information on 185 is for bullseye shooting where it is the standard. I do not shoot bullseye anymore but would like to try and create a major load for this bullet. Thanks.

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The Alliant 2005 reloading guide lists 5.4 gr. Bulseye as a maximum load with a 180 gr. LWC for 985fps and 15800 psi. The W-W`14th edition reloading manual lists 6.3 gr. W-231 as a mximum load with a 180 gr. LSWC for 1020 fps and 20000 psi. Attached are the pages from the mauals. Personally I have never pushed the 185 gr. LSWC beyond 800 fps.



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