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SDB Primer Seating Problem

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Got a new SDB from Dillon/Brian set up for .45ACP. Like it a lot and been working great for the first 100 rounds but it`s no longer fully seating the WLP primers in the brass that it worked fine with before, a mix of once fired Starline and R-P. It`s necessary to "Slam !" the handel down to just get the primer flush unlike before. Don`t see any dirt/powder/burrs in the pocket area which holds the primer cup on the press. It`s not the brass or primers, which work fine in a Redding T-7 turret....It`s a few hours before Dillon opens so I can call Tech Help so I hoped someone here has a thought.

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First, be sure you have pistol, and not rifle primers. Rifle primers are about .008" taller, and won't fully seat in pistol primer pockets. Next, make sure your bench top is not plywood. We suggest at least 1" thick particle board as a minimum benchtop.

Check the shellplate bolt and make sure it is snug.A firm push is all that should be needed to seat the primers.

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Thanks Dillon for the fast reply !

Press is mounted on a 1 1/2" finished pine that bolted to 3/4" plywood and the press is bolted through both and into the edge of the bench for support. I`m sure they are the Win LPP. Shellplate is very snug. I took the press off and did notice that the failsafe rod #16814 was somewhat binding on the wood at the edge of the bench ( no strong mount )

I cut a notch for it to move free, and the press seems to work much smoother and seats the primers fine now.

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