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A couple friends and myself have been putting on an IPSC101 training class for the last 3 years. One of the problems we face each and every class is the different skill levels of the students. Some have backgrounds in different action shooting games...while others have very little experience drawing from a holster. What we find is that after we finish with the draw/grip/stance segment, it seems that many of these new shooters continue to struggle with the fundamentals...while the advanced guys are ready to move on.

We thought perhaps if we could send out some video tutorials BEFORE the class, that maybe this would help prepare those students who are less skilled and help them get up to speed faster. I'd really like to find an online link to Leatham's Shooter Ready Video as I believe this is an excellent introduction into the fundamentals...but I realize thats not going to happen.

So what I'm looking for is any online video's that demonstrate the proper grip/draw/stance from an IPSC perspective (rather than the defensive/tactical angle).

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Make your own video and post it up on YouTube or other video hosting websites. That way you can fully control the content of the video (Do this, do that, practice this XX times before coming to the IPSC101 class). Then all you have to do is give them the URL to the video and have them watch it before the class.

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