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Gugas Ribas holster problems

Pat Miles

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I started reading the thread on the new Double Alpha holster and noticed several references to problems with the Ribas holster. Not wanting to hijack the DA holster thread with GR issues I started a GR thread regarding tensioning issues.

My problem has been from day one with the GR holster (4 years) and the draw tension device. Mine has never held the tension that I set it at. I can set it to be snug and a stage or two later I have to adjust the tension knob two or three turns to get it back to the tension that I set it at previously. I've had the holster apart several times trying to determine the cause but to no avail. The tensioning knob/screw and associated nut inside the holster are not stripped or loose thread wise. I have deepened the detent recesses on the back of the tension knob, verified that the detent ball moves freely in the locating hole and even stretched the detent ball spring a bit. All to no avail. The only way to keep the tension constant is to wrap the tension knob with electricians tape after setting it.

I have never dropped a gun out of this holster but I do bag my gun after finishing a stage. I put the gun back on when I am in the hole and set the tension again usually finding that it has loosened considerably.

Anybody else suffer this problem?



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I have this issue as well except I have to add a few clicks once or twice a year. I shoot 8-10 matches a year and don't dryfire so I can see someone who shoots more have to dothis more often. If it was happening as often as you are experiencing, it would bug me enough to call up the distributor.

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Hello Pat Miles and al 503!

I'm Pedro Ribas, Guga Ribas's son and i work in the marketing area of the GR Company.

First of all, i want to say sorry, we didn't saw this post 5 years ago, and just came to us right now in the middle of a research.

How is going the holster of you both? We have lifetime warranty, so if the problem persist you can send us a email to : marketing@gugaribas.com.br and we will send you a form, after that you can send the holster to us to a quickly avaliation and we can fix or send to you a new one, as you wish.

Hope you read this comment, have a great day!

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