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Grips for Match .. Orgasmic experience


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Received the Henning aluminum grips for a .40 Witness Match. OMG !!! it changed my whole impression of the gun. I like the looks and it functioned perfectly and accurately but I couldn't reach the damn safety and the gun kept pointing left when I practiced point shooting.

The grips are awesome .. Thin Thin Thin grips for the Eaa Match. They are tight fitting so one side went on no problem but the second required some time.

It was quite an investment in money and I wasnt sure I wanted to make it but .. Damn .. these grips are bad ass and change your whole relationship with the gun .. I may have a new favorite gun and this was the gun I was thinking about trading away!

If your on the fence .. Do it .. these fit tight are good looking and change the whole gun. The rubber grips are garbage bound

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Glad to hear it and psyched that you are so happy with them. Me and my machinist put A LOT of work into designing and making them fit tight. It takes about an hour for us to make one set, plus send off to anodizing, cutting material etc. Lot of work, but that's how you make a nice grip.

Thanks for the post and comments, really appreciate it !


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