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Square Deal B fail safe rod, primer catch questions

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A couple of SDB questions...

I have been usinga 650 lately but when back to the SDB today and had an issue with the fail safe bar.

I have the older powder measure with the spring loops for the return. I have been told that because it has the springs that I can run it without the fail safe bar. Any truth to that? I am having trouble with my fail safe bar and was considering taking it off.

I just got a new fail safe bar but the white plastic sleeve that rides above the spring on the bar is not staying put in the hole in the primer catch bracket. I recall that it stays in place on my 650 but cannot remember on the SDB. While loading a few rounds today to work up a load the white plastic sleeve was dropping out of the metal primer catch bracket on the downstroke of the handle and then snapping back into the hole on the upstroke. The sleeve broke into two pieces after a few rounds were loaded due to this snapping in and out.

I was thinking that maybe because I have the old hanging bucket primer catcher that the metal bracket was not correctly matched with the white plastic sleeve on the new fail safe bar.

So should I order the parts for a new (650 like) primer catch and bracket along with a replacement white fail safe bar sleeve? Run it without the fail safe bar? Or am I doing something else wrong?

Thanks for any input.


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They re-designed that part long before they changed the design of the spent primer catcher. I have seen that happen on my 650. I just grabbed a different return rod and went back to work.


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